The olive branch, how Jesus learns to love his enemy.

12:1 Behold this grove of olive trees, let us gather kindling. Gemini, do you see all of the stones in this place?

2 Yes Jesus, I do see that this place holds many stones. And why dost thou think of stones this day?

3  I saith that stones have a dual nature Gemini. Stones can be the cornerstone of a great Temple or used to crush an enemy’s skull.

4  True, we use stones in many ways Jesus, but is not the dual nature within the person that picks the stone up? Our FATHER, who art in Heaven lets us choose the path that lies between Good and Evil.

5  So Gemini, thou saith that swords do not have a dual nature as well?

6   No Jesus, I think not. Swords are used to force coercion, they have no peaceful purpose unless melted and transformed. Transform your enemy into a friend and you will have no need of a sword or stone. Perhaps loving our enemies would forestall having to kill them? Our FATHER is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. I sayith; love your enemy.

7  What kind of love is that?

8  The Law and the Prophets sayith; all things what-ever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them. Justice, mercy, lovingkindness.

9  I don’t know….it sounds naive….

10  Perhaps this love can take away the occasion for war? I saith that there will be some who choose evil, but fighting evil with evil will not lead to good. Jesus, pass to me that olive branch.

11  The tree does not forsake the fruit that remains attached. It is the fallen that perishes. The tree does not forsake the fruit in the way that our FATHER will not forsake us.

12  That remains to be seen…

13  Have we enough kindling Jesus? The day grows long, we must be home.

14  What dost thou think of gun control Jesus?

One thought on “The olive branch, how Jesus learns to love his enemy.

  1. Radical dream and idea, Roger. Many times I’ve heard the suggestion that Jesus had brothers, but never before a sister or a twin! Will have to think more about this before I can comment on that relationship. It is very hard to conceive of Jesus going around complaining about anyone’s Second Amendment rights being violated when human life is at stake and might be saved by limiting the types of guns and ammunition that are allowed to be possessed by whomever wants to have them. Just the fact that the gun rights individuals extrapolate regulation to mean the taking away of all their guns shows an irrational way of thinking leaning toward paranoia. Let’s hope there can be some progress toward sanity so that we don’t have to witness or experience any more horrific nightmares. Sadly, there will be more. Limiting the scope and number of victims seems to be the most we can hope for. I am for strict regulation, whatever that may be. We shouldn’t have to live in a world of war without end either. Peace, Ginger

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